Our Services

The Aged Care sector is complex, with many inter-connecting elements. Ageing By Design offers services in the areas listed below, and also often liaises with multiple different specialist service providers (including aged care placement consultants, home care package consultants, financial advisors and Centrelink specialists) in order to provide the most comprehensive advice for our clients.

Ageing by Design can provide advice in the following areas: –

Accommodation Options

  • Remaining at Home with the assistance of a “Home Care Package”
  • Granny Flat arrangements
  • Moving into or out of a Retirement Village
  • Transition into Residential Aged Care (formerly known as Nursing Home Accommodation)
  • Review and negotiation of all contracts associated with retirement villages and residential aged care / “nursing home” facilities*

Government Support

  • Eligibility for government support and associated Centrelink issues (if applicable)
  • Requirements eg Aged Care Assessment (ACAT)
  • Understanding Fee Structures eg Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) / Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) as well as Means Tested Care Fee (MTCF)

Wills and Testamentary  Trusts*

  • Wills / Associated Estate Planning
  • Testamentary Trusts (including their potential tax and asset protection advantages)

Estate Planning*

  • Discretionary Family Trusts
  • Legal issues around Superannuation and Binding Death Nominations
  • Estate management

Elder Law*

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Makers
  • Advance Care Directives
  • Issues surrounding and determination of, capacity

* All legal advice provided by Anna Cameron and/or Stephanie Reeves pursuant to referral from Ageing by Design.

Whilst we are currently based in Victoria, we are able to provide advice in relation to all Australian jurisdictions, both State and Federal, in our specialist areas of expertise.